Thursday, August 11, 2022

The People



The Hindu Jats occupy a prominent place in Haryana, being the single largest group in the region. Some of the Jats claim themselves to be of Rajput origin and maintained that their Rajput ancestors came from Malwa, Bikaner, Dharangar which lay to the east near the ancient Hastinapur. It was the Jats who formed the ethnic nucleus of the people now called the Punjabi's. 

The Jats are divided into twelve chief clans (gotras) and about 137 minor gotras. The main gotras are Maliks ( also called Gatwallas), Dahiya, Ahlawat, Rathi, Dalal, Sahrawat, Kadian, Jakhar, Golia and Deswal. The Muslim Jats, called Mullas are a separate group. The Jats form a predominant proportion in the districts of Hissar and Karnal and are also found in good strength in Ambala.

The Jats have great physical and moral energy, are admirable cultivators. Besides agriculture, they engage themselves in trade and production of local products in the rural area. Jats join in large numbers in the Services, particularly in the army and the police. They are finding representation in civil services also.