Thursday, September 28, 2023

The People



The Brahmans form an important section of the people in Haryana. Most of the Brahmins in Haryana are Gaur Brahmins. The name is probably derived from their residence at Ghaggar. The other common gotras among Brahmans are Sarsut, Bharadwaja, Vashista, Gaudama, Bacchhasas, Parsira, Sandlasa, Gujarati or Bias and the Dakaut. The Sarsut Brahmins, less numerous than the Gaur are not so strict in their caste habits. The Gujarati or Bias who came from Gujarat are regarded in some respects as the highest class of Brahmins.

Brahmins constitute the most orthodox community. Not only do they keep aloof from others, but also practice taboos among themselves. But now the situation is changing and the Brahmins even take up other profession than the priesthood.

Tyagis or Tagas are of Brahmin origin who gave up priestly profession and took to agriculture. Tyagis wear the sacred thread but the other Brahmins will not inter marry or eat with them.