Friday, July 19, 2024

People of Gujarat


The total population of the state consists of Hindus, Muslims and Jains. Zorastrians or Parsis can also be seen in Gujarat.

Aryans are now commonly recognised as Hindus. The immigration during the medieval period brought Islam and Zoroastrianism to Gujarat and initiated the growth of a multi-religious society. The caste system is strictly followed by the Hindus of Gujarat. 

Besides the 'Brahmins' and the 'Banias' whose functions and  occupations are fairly well determined, the community of 'Patidars' owning land is the strongest force in the economic and political life of the state. 

Various Hindu traditions like Shavism and Vaishnavism which sprang upon the mainland were imbibed by Gujaratis who trace their lineage from the Gurjars which in turn developed its own galaxy of saints and devotees and its own art and culture. The Kutchis, the natives from the peninsula of Kutch are both Hindus and Muslims.