Thursday, August 11, 2022



Tippani Folk Dance

There are certain folk dances which typically represent the community activities and their functional aspect. The Tippani folk dance is a dance of such a variety in which women labourers engaged in construction work, strike the floor with long sticks called Tippani. They have a rhythmic musical process to escape the tedium of the toil involved in their arduous task. The tribes in Gujarat have their own virile forms of the folk dances. The costumes and the instruments used during these folkdances are also typical folk costumes which mostly consist of a short coat called Kedia with tight sleeves with embroidered borders and shoulders, tight trousers like  the Churidars and colourfully embroidered caps or coloured turbans and a coloured waist band.

Damru, Tabla, Nagara, and pot drum are among the instruments; percussion, Ektaro, Ravan hattho, and Jantar are among the string instruments and Pavo, shehani, murli, turi, and taturi are wind instruments used as  accompaniments in the folk dances.