Sunday, December 4, 2022

The People

The Cheros

The Cheros who have Dravidian physiognomy and vary in colour, at one time ruled over the Gangetic provinces and claim to be Rajputs. They are divided into two sections; Barahazar and Tarahazar. The former rank as the higher and include most descendants to the former ruling families in Palamu. The social status of the Cheros was very high even in the Mughal period and they were given the rank of Mansabdars in Akbar's court. Their children were invested with the sacred thread by a Brahman priest at the time of marriage. 

Agriculture is their original occupation. Nowadays they keep shop, do carting, work on roads or in coal mines and collect tasar, lac and catechu. They are on the whole, a proud race and have never forgotten that they were once a great people and that their descents are honourable ones. They are also found in the villages of Rohtas and in the Morang region.