Sunday, December 4, 2022

The People

The Bhumij Kols

The Bhumij Kols who occupy parts of the two Singhbhum districts west and south of the Kasari river, are ethnically related to the Mundas and resemble them in physical appearance. Dark brown in complexion, they have thick noses and lips, broad chests, well developed hands and are short in stature.

Since they claim to be Hindus and employ Brahman priests they are accepted as such, but their exact position in the Hindu caste hierarchy is not well defined. They do not appear to have fully assimilated the essential elements of Hinduism and completely jettisoned their tribal religion. Many among them still worship their own village deities. Their totemic exogamous clans are fast being forgotten and they have adopted the surname of 'Singh'. Their agricultural technique is not so advanced.