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Chhau Dance - Seraikella

Chhau Dance Chhau is a folk dance of Seraikella Kharsawam region of Bihar.

The word 'Chhau' signifies a mask. Originally a war dance to perfect fighting techniques, it has over the years evolved into a narrative ballet. The dancer's identity and sex are concealed on account of the mask he wears when performing the Chhau.

On the eve of the spring festival, every year, people in Seraikella celebrate the colourful show of 'Chhau' performance. The Seraikella royalty preserves, projects and participates in the dance Chhau, during the month of Chaitra Paru (April) at the venue of the kings palace. 

The Adivasi version of the Chhau is called Sastriya Nritya. In the performance of Sastriya Nritya, the dancers sometimes do not use the mask. The use of songs, a common feature of all folk dance, is wholly absent in Chhau. The dancer expresses the mood or theme through varied gestures. The exquisite artistic gestures are all the more appealing with the accompaniment of music from the veena, flute and the drum. All these folk dances have their roots in the age old traditions of the region.  

Watch Video Seraikella Chhau Dance by Pandit Gopal Prasad Dubey

Updated on : 27/10/2021