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Madhya Pradesh

Satpura National Park

The park is located in the district of Hoshangabad covering an area of 502sq.km. The nearest town is Pamchamarhi. The nearest railhead is Piparia at a distance of 55 km and the nearest airport is Bhopal at a distance of 210 km.

The fauna comprise leopard, tiger, barking deer, Sambar, nilgai and bison. Hornbill and peafowl are the common birds.

Best Time to Visit: January to June

Kanha National Park

This park is situated in the heart of Sal forests of the Central high lands of Mandla and Balaghat districts. It covers 940sq.km in area. It was set up in 1995. The nearest town Mandla is 65 km, Jabalpur which is160 km from the park is both rail head as well as air port; Nagpur is 270 km from the park.

The park has sparsely wooded grassy plateau, sprawling slopes with lush green, trees and bamboos. There are also plenty of smaller plants, creepers and mushrooms. The landscape, rich in vegetation presents a spellbinding view and is eminently suitable for providing shelter to a variety of mammals and birds.

This area was  initially made a sanctuary in 1955 to protect the magnificent barasingha-swamp deer from extinction. The fauna of the park consists of barasingha, cheetal sambar, black duck, barking deer, gaur, hog deer, chausingha, bison, boar, tiger, leopard, hyena and wild dog. It is also the tiger reserve under project tiger. The number of tigers has doubled and barasingha have crossed the 450 mark. There are nearly two hundred bird species such as storks, teals, pintails, egrets, peafowl, partridges, doves, pigeons, cuckoos, eagles, kites, etc. 

Best Time to Visit: November -March read more

Bandharvgarh National Park

Situated in Shahdol and Jabalpur districts, the park with an area of 437 km was set up in 1968. The nearest town from the park is Umaria, 35 km away. This town is also the nearest rail head. The nearest airport is at Jabalpur at a distance of 160km.

The park contains moist deciduous forests with Sal and other trees with large stretches of grass lands with bamboo groves. The fauna consists of tiger, panther, leopard, gaur, chausingha, nilgai, chinkara, sloth bear, bear, wild boar, and a variety of birds.

Best Time to Visit: November - June read more

Madhav National Park

Set up in the year1959, the park is spread over 337 sq km in the district of Shivpuri. The nearest town is Shivpuri 6kms away. The rail head is Jhansi 100 km from the park and the nearest airport is Gwalior at a distance of 116 km.

The park consist of dry forests of anogeisus lotifolia. The fauna found are tiger, panther, leopard, spotted deer, black buck, sambar, hyena, chausingha, langur, nilai, crocodile and python. The spoonbills, waterside birds and demoiselle cranes. The park has several rest houses and motel.

Best Time to Visit: November and May read more

Panna National Park

Spread over an area of 543sq.km in the districts of Panna and Chhatarpur, this park was established in 1981. The nearest town from the park is Panna 20 km away and the rail head is at Satna which is at a distance of 95 km. The nearest airport is Khajuraho 20 km away.

The forests of the park are tropical dry deciduous. The fauna found are leopard, panther, tiger, chinkara, sloth bear, wolf, wild pig, nilgai, gharial ,mugger, crocodile, and peafowl.

Best Time to Visit: January to May read more

Van Vihar National Park

This park was established in 1979 in the district of Bhopal with an area of 4.45sq.km. The state capital is only 3km away from the park. Bhopal airport and railhead are at a distance of 12km and 7km respectively from the park.

The fauna of the park comprise leopard, tiger, ratal, bear, Sambhar, black buck etc.

Best Time to Visit: July to September. read more

Fossil National Park

Established in the year1983. The fossil National park is located in the district of Mandala in an area of 0.27sq.km. The nearest town from the park is Shahpura at a distance of 13km. The nearest railhead and airport are at Jabalpur, 87km from the park. The park contains botanical fossils.

Best Time to Visit: October to February read more

Pench National Park

This park was established in 1979 in the district of Seoni in an area of 293sq.km. Seoni, the nearest town from the park is 50km from here, Nagpur serves as the airport and the railhead for visiting the park which is at a distance of 90km from it.

The park contains dry mixed deciduous forest. The fauna of the park comprises tiger, leopard, sloth bear, sambar, gaur, chital, barking deer four horned antelope wild dog and wild boar.

Best Time to Visit: January to May read more

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National Park

How to Reach

Best Time To Visit


Contact address


Nearest Town - Shivpuri - 6km.
Railhead -Jhansi - 100km.
Airport - Gwalior - 116km.

April-June  & Oct to Feb.

Accommodation available.

Madhav National Park,


Nearest Town
- Panna - 20km
Railhead - Satna - 95km
Airport - Khajuraho - 20km

November to April

Accommodation available.

Panna national Park,  Panna


Nearest Town - Umaria -35km
Railhead - Umaria -35km
Airport - Jabalpur - 160km

March to June

Tiger Lodge, 
Nature Resort, 
White Tiger Forest Lodge 

Bandhavgarh National Park,
Dist. Shahdol.


Nearest Town -
Sidhi - 60km
Railhead - Jora - 20km
Airport - Khajuraho - 270km.

November to June


Sanjay National Park,


Nearest Town - Shahpura-13km
railhead - Jabalpur 
- 87km
Airport - Jabalpur - 87km

November  to May


Fossil National Park, West Mandla Forest Division,

Van Vihar

Nearest Town - Bhopal - 3km 
Railhead - Bhopal - 3km
Airport - Bhopal - 3km.

July to  September


Van Vihar National Park,
Satpura Bhawan, Bhopal.


Nearest Town - Pachmarhi Rail head - Piparia - 55km
Airport - Bhopal - 210km.

January to  June

Accommodation available

Satpura national Park, 
Dist. Hoshangabad.


Nearest Town - Seoni - 50km
Rail head - Nagpu - 90km
Airport - Nagpur - 160 km

March to     June

Accommodation available

Pench National Park, Seoni.


Nearest Town - Mandla - 56km
Railhead - Jabalpur 
- 160km
Airport - jabalpur- 160km

February to&; June

Tourist Hostel, 
Baghira Log Huts, 
Jungle Camp at Khatia,
 Machan complex, 
Chaman Restaurant and Indian Adventures

Field Director, 
Project Tiger Kanha, P.O. 


Nearest Town - Jagdalpur -186km
Railhead - Jagdalpur -186km
Airport - Raipur - 486km

February to March


Indravati national Park, Bijapur (Bastar)

Kanger valley

Nearest Town - 
Jagdalpur - 30km 
Railhead - Jagdalpur - 30km
Airport - Raipur - 330km

March to June


Kanger Ghati National Park, 
District Bastar, Jagdalpur.