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Kashmir Stag  -   North valley of Kashmir and some adjacent valleys
Brow-antlered deer or the Thamin (Dancing deer)  -    Manipur.
Sambar  -    Wooded hill districts upto 10,000 ft in the Himalayas and southern India.
Swamp deer  -    The animal with splayed hoofs and larger skull is found in Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Sunderbans and the other one with smelter and well knit hoof is found in hard open ground of Madhya Pradesh.
Hog deer  -    The sub Himalayan Terai country from parts of Punjab extending to Assam. Not found in Indian peninsula.
Cheetal or spotted deer  -    Forests of the base of Himalayas upto 4,000 feet throughout the peninsula wherever there is forest with good grazing and plentiful water. Unknown in arid zone of Punjab, large part of the Rajasthan in eastern Assam and beyond.
Muntjac or Barking deer  -    Distributed through out the country-living in thick forests preferably evergreen type.
Musk Deer  -    Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Hills of Uttar Pradesh, above 8,000 ft upto 12,000 ft in summer.
Indian spotted chevrotain or Mouse Deer  -    Forested are of South India at an elevation upto 6,00ft. The 24o latitude is approximately the limit of its northerly range in the peninsular region