Friday, July 3, 2020
Apes, Monkeys & Lemurs

Animals Habitat
Hoolock Gibbon  -    Garo and Khasi hills Assam and Manipur
Bonnet Macaque  -    The Indian Peninsula from Bombay on the west to Godavari on the East
Rhesus Macaque  -    Himalayan region and Northern India
Pig tailed Macaque  -    Naga Hills
Lion-tailed macaque  -    The western ghats from Kanara to Kerala
Common langur  -    Whole of India
Slow Loris  -    Assam
Slender Loris  -    South India
Capped Langur  -    Assam
Stumped tailed Macaque  -    Assam
Nilgiri Langur  -    Western ghats, Anaimalai , Brahmgiri, Tirunelveli, Bhramgiri, Palani hills