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 My Articles

1. Why are death certificates important? ( Legal )

There are some formalities that have to be followed through, regarding documentation after the death of a person.

2. Getting an Employment Exchange Number ( Career )

Registering with an 'Employment Exchange' helps to fill vacancies in the government sector.

3. Everything You Need to Know Abut Buying a Car in the UK ( Promotional Features )

Hereís everything you need to know about how to manage the car buying process.

4. Getting a Marriage Certificate is no Longer a Difficult Process ( Legal )

The easiest way to register a marriage in India

5. The significance of Lip plates to Suri and Mursi tribes of Ethiopia ( Arts,Crafts & Culture )

The author explains about a tradition followed by the Ethiopian tribes, Suri and Mursi.

6. Online registrations for Indian passports are now feasible! ( Promotional Features )

7. How to apply for a passport and why it could be rejected? ( Promotional Features )

Make sure you know the type of passport you are applying for.

8. The process of changing your name on your driverís licence ( Automobiles )