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Why are death certificates important?

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The death of someone close can take quite a toll on the people connected. It is quite difficult to get things done, post the event since most need time to adjust to the fact of losing someone they were close to. However, there are a couple of formalities that have to be followed through regarding documentation and the way to deal with the deceased.

What is a death certificate?

A death certificate is an official document issued to the people closest to the deceased, stating details about the individual. It would mention the time, cause, and location of death of the individual. It would also mention other personal information about the individual to attribute it to one specific person. This usually means you would have to get an ambulance or someone capable of providing the cause of death and other medically relevant information connecting to the person.

What are the uses of a death certificate?

A death certificate is needed when dealing with legal necessities post the death of the individual. One of the most important being, making sure that the person died of natural causes. If there was some element, evidence or suspicion, of foul play involved, that would change things and the cops would be involved to sort it out. This also means registering a case at the police department about the same.

Once all the information comes through, you would also need a death certificate the basic paperwork and documentation that would need to be handled. For instance, dealing with the last rites, depending on the religion or beliefs of the individual. Even moving the body, post the individuals death needs to be approved since it could be considered tampering with evidence.
The death certificates are needed when dealing with other external institutions such as insurance if you are trying to get in touch with them for a claim. Insurance companies need all the is dotted and the ts crossed before they can sanction anything.

What happens to the death certificate post receiving it?

Once the death certificate is made, it would be kept with the registrar of births and deaths. This allows people who are connected to the individual to get a copy if they need, however, they have to provide some proof that they are related or connected to the individual in question. People can always apply for and get the death certificate of a member of their family, following the same process that they would have to while applying for a recent birth certificate.

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