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Getting a Marriage Certificate is no Longer a Difficult Process

  By : , Goa, India       16.4.2019         Mail Now

Many are of the opinion that a marriage certificate is overrated. Their main reason is that the Government should not stand in the way of two individuals getting married. However, the Government has its reasons for putting together the rules needed to keep people together. We have mentioned the main causes below.

What are the Government's reasons to compulsorily register a marriage?

In many parts of rural India, people do not always stay together post marriage. Marriage is just seen as a way to get two strangers together. Due to an unchecked system that went on for a long time, men ask their wives for their hand in marriage and if they felt like the relationship is not going the way they like, they abandoned their wives. This is unfair on multiple levels and very often leaves the women with nothing, sometimes less than when she began the relationship. The Government stepped in to solve this issue by adding a couple of rules to the system.

Another reason for marriage registrations were the multiple religions in India, all following their own rules when it came to marriages. This made it difficult to keep a check on systems, while also making post marriage documentation an issue.

What was the solution to this issue?

The process was standardised with the implementation of the Marriage Registration Act.According to the Act, couples had to compulsorily register their marriages under one of two registrations:
● The Hindu Marriage Act.
● The Special Marriage Act.

The former was an Act for people who followed Hinduism. There were a few exceptions but the vast majority were Hindus. The process took between two weeks to a month, post submitting all the necessary information. The Special Marriage Act, on the other hand, was for non-Hindus. It took a little longer and settled between one to two months.

What is the easiest way to register a marriage?

In the initial stages of this process, the marriage registration had to be handled at the registration office. This was a tedious process with people travelling to the office to collect the required forms. They would then have to gather the required documents and submit them. This took about week to compile and submit everything.

With new improvements, the process can be handled through multiple online platforms. This allowed people to manage the entire workload at their convenience. This also meant not waiting for a holiday or a day off work to handle it. They could even go through the forms online and gather the information needed at their end. Other than making the entire process easier, it made it more convenient.

All you have to do is log in to www.onlinemarriageregistration.com and collect all the information on registering your marriage. You can also download the forms needed for details about the extended documents.

Why is marriage registration necessary?

Other than the Government making the process compulsory, marriage registration is needed to sort out a ton of the post-marriage paperwork too. After tying the knot, wives often change their last names to that of their husbands which might sometimes cause issues with other documents, since their new surnames wouldn’t match the previously created driver's licences. A marriage certificate bridges this gap, making the entire name changing process, easier.

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