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How to apply for a passport and why it could be rejected?

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Unlike getting a passport in the yesteryears, where applicants had to make a million trips to the passport office, the passport creation process now is a lot easier. All you have to do is download the right passport forms and submit them online, which saves time, effort, and trouble.

The process of creating a passport

- Head to the passport website, which might vary depending on where you are applying from.
- Make sure you know the type of passport you are applying for.
- The website provides details and documentation required for creating a passport.
- After these have been gathered, they have to be scanned and submitted.
- There is an approval process to go through before receiving your passport.

If all goes well, your passport will be sent through postal service.

There are multiple reasons why you could be denied a passport as well. Here are the main ones:

- The documents being submitted have to be readable. If for some reason, the scans, original documents, or photocopies are not clear, the passport department has the right to dismiss them. The information mentioned has to be thorough and checked for typos or incorrect data which could also result in the denial of a passport.
- Signatures have to match as much as possible. If you are submitting five different documents, all referring to the same person, the signature on all five should match. Any inconsistencies are grounds for rejecting the application.
- Failure to pay the right fee amounts can also result in the cancelling of an application.
- If an applicant has a criminal history, or have not handled proper police checks, the Passport office is quite strict about letting them get through.

If you are looking to get your hands on a passport, apply through an online portal to save yourself the time and effort.

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