Monday, September 27, 2021


Badminton Service
During service head of racket must not be upper than your wrist

A fault made by a player of the side which is 'in' puts the server out; if fault is made by a player whose side is 'out', it counts a point to the 'in' side.

It is a fault

  1. If in serving, the shuttle at the moment of being struck be higher than server's waist or if any part of the head of the racket, at the time of striking the shuttle, be higher than any part of the server's hand holding the racket.

  2. If in serving, the shuttle falls into the wrong service court (i.e. into the one not diagonally opposite to the server) or falls short of the short service line or beyond the long service line or outside the side boundary line of the service court into which services is in order.

  3. If the server's feet are in the service court from which service is being done, or if the feet of the player receiving the service are not in the service court diagonally opposite, until the service is delivered.

  4. If once the service has started any player makes preliminary feints or otherwise intentionally baulks a opponent or if any player deliberately delays serving the shuttle or in getting ready to receive it so as to obtain an unfair advantage. When the server and the receiver have taken up their respective positions to serve and to receive the first forward movement of the server's racket constitutes the start of the service and as such must be continuous thereafter.

  5. If, either in service or play, the shuttle falls outside the boundaries of the court or passes through or under the net or fails to pass the net or touches the roof or sidewalls or the person or dress of a player. (A shuttle falling on a line shall be deemed to have fallen in the court or service court of which such line is a boundary)

  6. If the shuttle 'in play' be struck before it crosses to the strikers side of the net.

  7. If, when the shuttle is 'in play', a player touches the net or its supports with the racket, person or dress.

  8. If the shuttle be held on the racket (i.e. caught or slung) during the execution of a stroke or if the shuttle be hit twice in succession by the same player with two strokes or if the shuttle be hit by a player and his partner successively.

  9. If, in play, a player strikes the shuttle or is struck by it, whether he is standing within or outside the boundaries of the court.

  10. If a player obstructs an opponent.

  11. If a player is guilty of flagrant repeated or persistent offences under the laws of badminton.