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Adoption is a family common practice in Rajasthan. Those who do not have male children usually want to adopt a male child to continue their line of succession. In Rajasthan , the Rajas and Maharajas used to adopt male children and make them heir apparent with the consent of the British Viceroy in India. Most of the  Maharajas of Jaipur were adopted sons. 

The ceremony of adoption is quite simple. The elders of the family and the Biradari (community) assemble at the adopter's residence. They become the panch (elders of the family) at this ceremony. In their presence, the adopted boy is anointed with vermilion and a coloured turban is placed on his head. A small dose of opium is given to all the elders (the panches) to solemnize the actor of adoption. Later, they sign the document of adoption along with the adopter, so that they can be cited as witness in case of dispute. If, after adoption, the adopter's wife gives birth to a son, the adopted child continues to have equal rights with the real son.