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Customs and Tradition

The origin of the customs and traditions of Rajasthan is easily traceable to the cantos of the Vedas, wherein specific rites and ceremonies are prescribed in the minutest detail for the Samskaras in the life of every man and woman. The Customs and traditions of Rajasthan are the Rajasthani version of these Vedic rites and rituals. The Rajasthani people have religiously followed the dictum of the Vedas at every stage from birth till death. They have added some regional rites and rituals to these Vedic ceremonies. According to the Vedas every man has to perform certain ceremonies, known as Samskaras, from birth to death. Sixteen in number, they mainly relate to three major events in one's life i.e., birth, marriage and death.


Garbhadharan (Conception)

In Rajasthan nine important ceremonies mark the birth of a child. The first is the Garbhadhan ceremony. When a bride conceives for the first time, it is considered a good omen for the family. Near and dear ones visit the girl and they sing together to the accompaniment of a dholak and express their unbounded joy. The songs are significant and many describe the changes that occur in the body of the girl and the resultant changes in her mood and behaviour and also her likes and dislikes.