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Odisha (Orissa)


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Agricultural Zones

On the basis of distribution of individual crops, 31 agricultural zones have been worked out. These are:

1) The Baripada plain to the east of Budhabalanga. It is dominated by the sugarcane cultivation.

2) The south Balasore plain. It is dominated by cereals.

3) The southern valley of the Baitarani. This is mainly a sugarcane cultivation area.

4) The Panposh plateau which is dominated by pulses.

5,6) These zones cover the entire Mahanadi, Brahmani and southern portion of the Baitarani deltas. Throughout the zone, pulses are extensively cultivated. In the core, sugarcane, jute, oilseeds and other cereals are widely grown.

7) This region is solely dominated by oilseeds and is located on the eastern bank of the Brahmani river.

8,9) These zones are found in the middle and lower Brahmani valley. They are dominated by pulses. In the core of this region cotton and sugarcane are extensively cultivated. Pulses, sugarcane and cotton are the principal crops.

10) This zone dominated by sugarcane is located in the Mahanadi valley and is confined to the Dhenkanal plains.

11) In the Nayagarh region oilseeds are the principal crop.

12) The upper Mahanadi valley is dominated by pulses.

13,14) These zones located in the hilly terrain of the Udayagiri and Phulabani regions, almost overlap each other and are dominated by pulses and oilseeds.

15,16) The Rushikulya plain is the second most important agricultural region in Odisha (Orissa). It is dominated by pulses.

17,18) The Vamsadhara valley is a region dominated by sugarcane cultivation. Rayagada stands at the centre of this zone. Oilseeds are also widely cultivated to the east of the Vamsadhara and thus a separate region is formed.

19) This small region in the upper reaches of the Nagavali is dominated by sugarcane cultivation.

20) This is a hilly region almost the same size as the former, but is principally a cereal area.

21,22) The Nowrangpur plateau is mainly a region of pulses. Towards the southern part of this area, however, sugarcane dominates. So a separate region is worked out with pulses and sugarcane.

23,24,25,26) The rolling uplands of Balangir-Titlagarh-Patnagarh and Bhawanipatna are dominated by cereals.

27) The Sonepur plain is dominated by sugarcane cultivation.

28,29,30) The Sambalpur and Bargarh rolling uplands, are dominated by pulses. In the northern part of this region sugarcane and in the south oilseeds dominate.

31) This region covers the rolling uplands of the Ib basin and the Panposh rolling uplands of the Brahmani. Pulses are the principal crops here.