Friday, March 24, 2023



Maharashtrian jewelers are busy at work, creating ornaments for villagers, dancers, business women and brides.

Remains of old intricately carved woodwork can still be seen in palaces of yesterday, and in tiny shops in the bylanes of Nashik metal workers style utensils and vessels following age-old traditions. Paithan, which was once an important seat of learning, is famous for its beautiful silk saris which sport intricate gold borders. In Aurangabad, families weaves silk-like himru shawls and make silver bidri ware.

Chawk, the sacred pictograph of the Warlis was traditionally painted by women during wedding ceremonies. The technique involves the use of rice paste and straw which is smeared on the mud walls of their simple dwellings. The central figure here is of Palghat, the goddess of trees and plants, who symbolises creative energy. Today, young men have taken to painting their own experiences, using the typically decorative Warli motifs on paper.