Thursday, July 2, 2020



Coir-makingThe economy of the state is based on agriculture and marine products. Some traditional industries is based on coir and coir products, marine products, handloom, different types of handicraft's, toddy tapping etc. Other prominent industries are handloom industry, Khadi and village industry which produce Khadi, fiber, pottery, lime, paper, matches, gobar gas, cane and bamboo. The important handicrafts of the state include ivory, wood and bone carving, hand embroidery, cane and rattan works, coconut shell carving and paddy straw picture making.

Alappuzha district is known as the traditional home of coir industry in Kerala. There is  coir Research Institute functioning at Kalavoor. The national coir training and designing centre was also established at Alappuzha in 1965.