Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Himachal Pradesh

Himachal People


The tribal population constitute the Kinners or Kinnaure, the Lahules, the Spitians, the Pangwalas, the Gaddis and the Gujjars. Their permanent and semi-permanent dwelling places are in Kinnaur, Lahaul. Pangi and Gadderan (Chamba and Bharmaur). They have their own customs, traditions, religious beliefs, dances and music. Most of these tribes are nomadic but they are immensely popular due to their open and friendly temperament.

Most tribals love to drink although the higher castes consider drinking sinful. There are three main meals in the morning (Nuhari), noon (Dhupahari) and evening (Sanhiyalu). The wedding feast is known as Datayalu. A traditional meal consists of boiled rice, Roti (unleavened bread), curried dal, buttermilk and vegetables. In the hill areas Roti made of barley or corn is popular. The Kangra people eat more rice. Sweet fritters (Gulgule) are made for birthdays and savouries (Polu Pakodu) during the Shradhas. There are special courses for special occasions. All these tribes are very fond of silver ornaments. The women wear strings of beads and corals.