Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Himachal Pradesh

Himachal People


Gujjars live a purely nomadic life. They  wander throughout the year in search of pastures for their buffaloes and cows. They live in joint families and are monogamous. They are mostly Muslims. The men keep typical beards  and wear turbans. The women wear kurta and pyjama, similar to the Kashmiri Muslim women.

The Gujjars were originally Hindus but were converted to Islam during the reign of Aurangzeb. The Chandels, the Chauhans, Chechis Bania and Bhatti are some of their branches. Milk and corn meal are their staple food. This tribe has migrated into Chamba from Jammu and Kashmir.

The favourite dress of the Gujjars is salwar, kurta, waistcoat, coat, turban, tehmad ( a sarong like garment) and dhoti. They love embroidery. A folded sheet on the shoulders, a stick in the hand, a carelessly tied turban and a short beard are the typical signs of a Gujjar. They speak Hindustani (called Goojari by them). Due to their nomadic life style, the level of literacy in this tribe is low.