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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal People

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Hindi is the state language but people mostly converse in 'Pahari'. This language has various dialects or sub-languages. Grierson in his linguistic survey had called it 'Western Pahari' and had demarcated its area from Jainsar Bawar in the Uttar Pradesh hills (near Dehra Dun) to Bhadarwah in Jammu and Kashmir.

The various dialects of Pahari spoken in the region are Mandiali (in Mandi), Kulavi (in Kulu), Kehluri (in Bilaspur), Hinduri (in Nalagarh), Chameali (in Chamba), Sirmauri (in Sirmur), Miahasvi (in Mahasu region) and Pangwali (in Pangi). Besides, there are the dialects of Bhot orgin, the Kinnauri, the Lahauli and the Spitian. All dialects of Pahari are of Sanskritic origin. They have been written differently in different times. In earlier days they were written in 'Tankri' or 'Thahau', but later during the Muslim period they were written in the Persian script and then again in Devanagiri.