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Cancer treatments vary according to the type of cancer and the extent of development of the tumor.  Common treatments  of cancer include surgery, chemo therapy and radiation. Chemo therapy and radiation are performed as before or follow up treatment for most of the cancers. Some diagnostic measures also involve treatment such  as colposcopic procedures and hysterectomies. 

Chemotherapy is the use of anticancer drugs to treat cancer.  The particular type of drug or a combination of  different drugs used for treatment will depend up on the particular type of cancer diagnosed. These drugs help to destroy cancer cells, to keep the cancer from spreading, to slow the cancer's growth and to relieve the symptoms. Chemotherapy may be prescribed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The schedule should be followed strictly to have effective results. In addition to its positive results, they can affect some of the normal cells and cause unpleasant side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite and hair loss. Leukemia (Blood cancer) and some other cancers are treated with chemotherapy. 

Radiation Therapy
Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer and other diseases with ionizing radiation. It uses X-rays, electrons or gamma rays to treat cancer. Radiation injures, destroys or stunts the growth of cancerous cells at which the rays are aimed. Radiotherapy may be used to treat localized solid tumors, such as cancers of the skin, tongue, larynx, brain, breast, or uterine cervix. It can also be used to treat leukemia and lymphoma. The technique and schedule of treatment will depend on the particular cancer diagnosed but it will generally last for 5-6 weeks. Treatment techniques includes using rays on cancer cells from outside, placing radioactive implants directly in a tumor or body cavity. General side effects of radiotherapy may include temporary or permanent loss of hair in the area being treated, temporary change in skin color in the treated area, nausea, skin irritation and tiredness. Radiation therapy may be used alone or in combination with chemotherapy or surgery.

Another treatment method is removal of the tumor and close by affected areas of the body such as lymph nodes that may be involved, by surgery. Surgery may be done by it's self or in combination with other therapies and may occur before or after therapies such as chemo and radiation. It is normally done only in the early stage's of cancer treatment. Just as other cancer treatments have side effects, so to do many of the various types of cancer surgery. 

Other treatments 

Laser Treatment: Laser surgery can be used to treat cancer in two ways by shrinking or destroying a tumor with heat, or by activating a chemical - known as a photosensitizing agent - that destroys cancer cells. A photosensitizing agent is retained in cancer cells, that can be stimulated by light to cause a reaction that kills cancer cells. Laser surgery is less complicated than normal surgery and needs only a small incision to pass the laser light on the effected parts. 

Hormone Therapy : Hormone therapy helps to destroy cancer cells, to stop cancer cells from growing and to relieve symptoms caused by cancer. Imbalance in the hormone level in the body may promote the growth of cancer cells. This therapy is done by giving drugs that change the way hormones work or by surgery to take out organs that make hormones. Hormone therapy will rarely ever cure anyone of cancer, but it may kill a significant number of the cells and slow the growth of others.

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 Atuha Mario, Kampala    29/6/2017
In all cancers what is the possible chance of surviving

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 1.  Posted on : 16.1.2015  By  :  Mitali , Delhi View Answer (0) Post Answer

My husband is suffer from blood cancer.. He had his first stage.. He took very expensive treatment by still he suffers a lot on his disease..... Is dis possible dat he can be became fit???

 2.  Posted on : 23.5.2013  By  :  Dharmendra Kumar Singh , Kolkata View Answer (2) Post Answer

My nephew age 3+ has blood cancer 1st stage, please sugest me low budget hosital in Kolkata.


The cheapest Hopital for Cancer treatment is Tata Medical at Rajarhat. It is the best in Eastern Region.

  Posted By :Subho , kolkata | On 11.6.2013

There is a lot of cancer research is going on at tata cancer centre. You could try there.

  Posted By :Admin , Kochi | On 23.5.2013
 3.  Posted on : 16.8.2012  By  :  Payalkelkar , Nagpur View Answer (1) Post Answer

Suggest best treatment for blood cancer 1st stage, and best hosital in nagpur.


You should be under the care of an Oncologist and follow his adivice.

  Posted By :Admin , Kochi | On 4.6.2013
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