Thursday, February 2, 2023

The People

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Family Organisation

The concept of marriage as a sacrament and that too monogamous in nature is very much the norm among both the Hindus and Christian in Goa. It is a social contract among the Muslims. 

In Goa, the family organisation is basically elementary or nuclear in character. The break-up and separate residence for the new couple may begin after the marriage of the subsequent sons. The other sons staying outside in a nuclear family of their own are called virilocal. When one of the son continues to stay with his new family in his father's house after his marriage, the household is called patrilocal. 

Parents in their old age may take up residence with one of their married sons. Ghor-zanvoim is the case in which the son-in-law of the house, who resides matrilocally, being adopted into the house of his in-laws in the event of his marrying the daughter of the house, if she is the only child or the one chosen for such an alliance. For any important decision to be taken in the interest of the family in the matter of education of a higher nature or a marriage alliance, all the members advise and come or rather co-operate to bring into fruition. 

Respect for the elders is very strong in all the communities. The eldest male of the family, generally the father, is the head of the family and in his absence, the mother officiates in that position.