Thursday, February 2, 2023

The People

▪ Introduction ▪ Saddo Ceremony ▪ Hair Cutting Ritual ▪ Beggar's Lunch
▪ Wedding Ceremony ▪ Family organisation ▪ Bangle Wearing Ceremony

The Beggar's Lunch 

Among Christians, a lavish feast called the Beggar's lunch or Bhick Reamfevon is held a day or two before the wedding day, preferably on a Tuesday. Seven or nine poor people, both men and women  are invited to a sumptuous lunch with pork, beef, fish, rice and a curry  of a special type called 'samrachi koddi'. They squat on the floor mat  and  specially prepared jack fruit tree leaves, well plaited into plates, are placed
before them  into which food is served or ladled out by the bride and groom at each one's place of residence. The intention behind the service is to feed and satisfy the ancestors on this important occasion in their house through the medium of  these beggars. Coconut oil is also given for their hair and a bidi or cigarette, according to the preference expressed by them. They are also given a sweet dish of gram dal and soji a sweet composed of wheat preparation and bananas. Instead of coconut-feni, a sweet wine could also be served to them.