Sunday, December 4, 2022

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▪ Introduction ▪ Saddo Ceremony ▪ Hair Cutting Ritual ▪ Beggar's Lunch
▪ Wedding Ceremony ▪ Family organisation ▪ Bangle Wearing Ceremony

Saddo Ceremony

In the northern part of Goa, there is a beautiful ceremony called the Saddo. Saddo is the ceremonial cutting of the cloth, normally flowery  red, to be worn by the bride in the house after the wedding. A tiny image of child Jesus is placed on the floor mat where the tailor is sitting with the  clothes, at their house and two tiny length wise pieces of clothes are cut by him and placed there in the  form of a cross. 

To begin with, there is the 'Nomon' in which blessing of God almighty and especially of the virgin Mary, mother of Jesus are invoked in the form of Zot (a special song peculiar to the occasion sung by an expert song-stress). Then each relative, from the nearest to begin with, followed by others  to the accompaniment of references to them made in beautiful metaphor in the form of Zotis, walks up to the spot where lies the Infant Jesus  and lays his or her offerings of money from Rs2 to Rs10 before the image. Then a piece of betel nut and leaf with calcined lime and some sweets are disturbed  to the people present. The elder men are served with liquor, women and children with sweet red wine and soft drinks. The money collected on the occasion is taken by the tailor, apart from his wages. The tailor will later stitch  the main wedding dress or gown in milky white colour and other necessary clothes for the bride and near relatives, brides maids etc. The brides gown, ornaments and trousseau are displayed in a special ceremony at which people are invited, and then they are sent to the groom's place for display there.