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Yellow Roses

 Scientific Name : -
 Type : Hybrid tea/ climber
 Common names : Summer Sunshine
 Colour : Deep Yellow
Summer Sunshine

Upright spreading plant reaches height from 3 to 3.5 feet. Very large flowers with 25 petals. Lightly fragrant. Glossy green leaves have a bronzy tint.

 Scientific Name : Rosa Tanolg
 Type : Hybrid Tea
 Common names : Oregold' Miss Harp, Silhouette
 Colour : Saffron-yellow

Upright medium bushy plant grows from 3 to 4 feet. Lightly scented large oval flowers with 40 petals. Dark glossy leaves.

 Scientific Name : Rosa Tanolg
 Type : Hybrid Tea
 Common names : New Day' Mabella 
 Colour : Soft Yellow

Upright, bushy fairly thorny plant of height 4 feet. Leathery gray-green foliage. Large double high centered blooms. Tapered buds. Spicy fragrance.


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 1.  Posted on : 14.12.2011  By  :  Shekhar , Pune View Answer (2) Post Answer

How tuberrose is planted? I mean through seeds or by baby plants.


Hi sir i need climbing rose plants how much it cost please tell the price??

  Posted By :madhavi , Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh | On 16.5.2017

Tuberrose can be planted by bulbs there wont be seeds for Tuberrose

  Posted By :Harinath , Hyderabad | On 11.1.2012
 2.  Posted on : 10.10.2011  By  :  Chandrasekhar , Hyderabad View Answer (0) Post Answer

Interest in rose garden development. What are the rose varieties suitable for propagation through cutting under green house or mist chamber and where available.

 3.  Posted on : 29.12.2010  By  :  Rayomand , Pune, Pune View Answer (1) Post Answer

Could someone help me by telling me where can I buy climbing rose plants in India? Tried in Pune, but no luck.


Try your luck in Bangalore. Lalbagh garden nursery and nurseries at the Big Banyan Tree have varieties like Almost Black.

  Posted By :Beena , Bangalore | On 5.1.2011
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