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Noopura Raavam Dance Festival

Time : December 6th 2014 - December 7th 2014
Venue: Saptaparni, Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad

Noopura Raavam, which literally means the sound of the dance-bell, is the first step in the journey of Lasyakalpa Foundation for Arts (LFA), born out of a dream of three artists, D S V Sastry, Eminent Vocalist, Nattuvanar and Music Composer; Katyayani Thota and Sahiti Reddy Vedire, both Kuchipudi dancers. LFA aims at showcasing art in its highest quality to rasikas of various music and dance forms, and create a platform for the intellectuality in the art forms to be celebrated. It also aspires to be a channel through which education in art can be evolved further and those passionate in learning them can have access to training that is state-of-the-art.


  December 6th, 2014 (Saturday) at Saptaparni
6:00 pm  Srujana- Of Creating & Innovating:
An interactive session with the Nrityagram dance ensemble and Vempati Ravishankar’s troupe.
  December 7th, 2014 (Sunday) at Ravindra Bharathi
6:00 pm Sriyah: 
A decade of Dance Making - compilation of excerpts from choreographic works of Surupa Sen spanning over 10 years by the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble
  Ksheerasagara Madhanam:
A 51 year old drama created by Vempati Chinna Satyam presented by the Kuchipudi Art Academy/ Vempati Ravishankar’s troupe