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Pria Kataria Puri


: Pria Kataria Puri

Date of Birth

: 23/2/1974


: 101,Richoux Bldg, Chimbai Rd, Bandra(W),Mumbai-50


:91 22 26415998 / 2641227, +91 22 26415999


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Bharat Yuva Ratna Award, Bharat Vikas Award. 

Pria Kataria Puri, a savvy fashion designer with a wild streak running through her explorative style personality, is one of the original  proponents of Indian 'Nouvelle Courteure'. She entered into the world of Fashion by earning formal training from a polytechnic in New Delhi, and from FIDM, San Francisco, where she showcased her first collection of Occidental Evening Wear at the San Francisco Fashion Centre. 

Pria is totally dedicated to 'Occidental Couture', which is an amalgam of oriental and western ideas that enhance the mystique of the female form. Being inspired by the gypsies and Egyptian extravagance she calls her collection as "Sensuous with elegant silhouettes, luxurious feminine fabrics, teamed with a rustic colour palette, intricate and exquisite hand embroidery in keeping with my signature style." 

Her area of specialization, 'Colour and Embroidery' plays a significant role in all her collections. She uses lot of hand trappings in wool threads along with mirror work, shells, beads, embroidery etc. Her designs are modern in its form and Indian in its mode of expression.

She believes that it is her moral obligation to keep India's ancient heritage of fine craftsmanship alive rather than just make outfits. A winner of Bharat Yuva Ratna Award and the Bharat Vikas Award, she is committed to keep it. 

Pria shuttles between Delhi and Mumbai and manages her family and business equally well. Her other hobbies include Horse riding, Roller blading, Indian classical music, Bharat Natyam, Piano, Palmistry, Sketching and Cooking.