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Ways to Jazz up your Office Wear

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If you have the ‘passion for fashion’, why not carry it to your office? Office outfits need not be boring and dull; spice up your wardrobe and add glamour to your office wardrobe. Adding glamour does not mean buying new fashionable attire every week; rather it means adding spark to your usual clothes. You can put your best foot forward at the office by using proper accessories, pretty prints, and matching colors.

Here are some tips to jazz up your office wear:

1. Accessories: Any simple outfit can be transformed into gorgeous attire by adding proper and well-thought-out accessories. Go for subtle yet classy jewelry. For instance, fashion statement rings can spice up your entire attire. P.S.: Don’t overdo the accessories.

2. Blazer: Blazers can give you both a professional and stylish look. Put on your favorite blazer and set a new trend. Apart from formal shirts, you can team up your blazer with loose T-shirts and even tank tops. If you do not own a blazer, you have a good reason to go for shopping.

3. Shoes: Coco Chanel rightly said, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” Your shoes are the first thing people notice. A pair of good shoes can make you a style icon. You do not have to own stilettos to make a mark; you can set the trend even with flats, sandals, or boots. The key is to be comfortable in your shoes. Remember, “Life is too short to wear boring shoes.”

4. Scarf: Team up those lovely scarves with your regular office-wear to brighten up the look. Just match the color of the scarf with your dress and you are ready to rock. Some scarves are multipurpose; you can also wear them as belts or headbands. P.S.: Avoid scarves with big prints in office.

5. Nails: Your nails say everything about you. While dressing up, pay particular attention to your pretty nails (both hand and toe nails). Doing nails is an easy way to enhance your look. It is not necessary to go to the nail artists for getting stylish designs; you can simply polish your nails matching with your outfit. As they say, “Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.”

6. Color and prints: The office dress code does not mean wearing boring and dull colors. You can wear bright-colored shirts and team them with a dark-colored skirt or trousers. This will definitely turn heads in the office. Also, be careful while wearing prints. Do not combine two different prints together. A nice fabric dress with color and prints matching your body type will jazz up your office look.

While styling for office, just remember not to wear too tight or too loose clothes. The dress should fit you perfectly. Experiment with your look and carry a fresh, stylish and beautiful vibe to the office.

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