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Glam up and floor your Valentine

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The much awaited day for all the love-birds is knocking the doors, and it's time to show your partner how much they mean to you.

Padma Shri awardee and beauty diva Shahnaz Husain has shared some tips and tricks to create a perfect Valentine's Day-worthy looks.

Foundation: If your skin is clear, you can skip the foundation during the day. Use baby powder, or compact power. If you want to use foundation at night, choose a water-based one. Add a drop of water for a lighter coverage. Before applying foundation, apply astringent lotion if your skin is oily, or moisturizing lotion for dry skin. Wait for a few minutes to allow the skin to absorb it.

Next, use concealer to cover up pimples and scars, if any. Or, use two shades of foundation. One shade should be as close to your skin colour as possible. The other should be a shade lighter if the blemishes are dark.

Then, apply your normal foundation on the face and using a moist sponge, spread it evenly, going outwards. Blend the foundation with loose or compact powder.

Blusher: A pink or peach blusher suits most skin tones. Apply it on the cheekbones and slightly below it. Use your finger tips to dot the area with the blusher. Then, blend with the brush, outwards and slightly upwards. Apply highlighter on the cheekbones. Choose from ivory or pale pink.

Eyes: For the eyes, use a brown eye shadow on the eyelids. Use the same brown shadow under the lower lashes, instead of eyeliner or kajal. Take a darker brown eye shadow and apply it on the upper lid, close to the upper lashes. The entire effect will be natural. If you want to line the eyes, use an eye pencil. Give your eyes a light touch of mascara. Make sure the lashes do not stick together. Brush them with an eyelash comb.

For a more dramatic effect, use a dark brown or dark grey eye shadow on the eyelids close to the lashes and stroke it upwards and outwards. For the smokey eyed look, line the eyes with eyeliner close to the lashes and then smudge the eyeliner slightly with a sponge tipped applicator.

Lips: For the lips, a plain gloss can be enough for the day or add a touch of gloss over light pink or mauve lipstick. Avoid using lip liners and just brush the lips with lipstick, going for shades of pink, from pale pink, to rose or tawny pink. At night, go for rose, coral or bronze, or just stick to pink.

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