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Summer Must Haves for This Season!

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The word Summer makes you think of the vibrant color Yellow and the blistering heat. Summer is all about fun, walking around and dressing up. So it is time that you freshen up your wardrobe with interesting pieces that is making waves this season. The season trends echo geometric, floral and big bold prints. With the summer this year shining harshly in force itís better to get ready to embrace the trends that can keep you cool as well as chic. And itís about time you stock up some interesting style sets to keep you fresh all season long.


If you are looking for a refresher in your wardrobe this season, then thereís nothing better than stripes that is back with a bang. The wardrobe must haves for this season includes floral patterns and seaside stripes. Stripes are considered to be style perennials. Whether it is vertical, horizontal or asymmetrical, stripes are everlasting trends that can never run out of fashion and are an essential part of a wardrobe. They are the perfect garment that comes in any colour and donning them can make you look preppy and elegant.

Opting for stripes in primary colors like red and blue can give a worthy timeless look. Most celebs these days

choosing nautical inspired dress and are pairing it up with nice accessories. You can even dress it down by choosing distressed denim and try to wear it with flat mules. Stripes can be teamed up with checks or floral patterns to create a linear look.

Cute Wrap Dresses

Just because the sun is scorching it doesn't mean you have to dress up sloppy. So with the progression of season comes an interesting set of trends that you should try to opt for.

And if you are desperately looking for ways to follow fashion then all you can do is scroll through some of the celebrity Instragram accounts and get to see that most of them are wearing cute dresses.

Bows and frills and wrap detailing not only add a girly twist this season but they also add zest to the wardrobe. You should go for a wrap silhouette since they are easy to wear and super flattering. Sport a wrap that comes with ruffled sleeve as they are perfect to cover up your arms from the sweltering heat.

For summer you can even choose a slip dress as they are not only sexy but are perfect for the sweltering nights. Pair them up with denim jackets to create chic vibes. You can add a slip dress to your summer wardrobe and sparkle your statuesque frame with strappy heels. Interestingly roll up sleeves and flared sleeves are also saying hello to sunshine this season. Even sheath dress is being worn with an over skirt are considered incredible in style.

One can also look chic in a plain yellow sheath dress. Recently Ivanka Trump looked polished wearing a black and white polka dot sheath dress. You can even swap the usual dresses for an asymmetrical seamed dress with a satin sheen. Wearing a petite dress can bring full of elegance and style to your personality.

Adjustable straps

When you are not in a mood to don an off shoulder dress in this sweltering heat, then opt for adjustable straps. From Jumpsuits to cocktail dresses all comes with adjustable straps.

Oversized bags

The summer trends that you need to follow for this season are oversized bags. Don't be surprised if you spot anyone carrying them on the streets since they are preferable when you want to stuff anything and everything you need. Make sure to add ruffles to your wardrobe if you want to stay in vogue this season.

Crossbody and Tote bags

Also when it comes to bags you can even choose one that doesn't touch your skin all the time especially if want to take a casual walk at the beach or go to a coffee shop. A crossbody bag comes with a thin strap that won't make you feel heavy like carrying a shoulder bag. A lightweight crossbody bag is a nice thing for toting to a theatre or to a spa. Or you could even opt for a tiny backpack trend when hitting the road.

Summer is all about having fun in the sun and not sitting idle. People prefer to get out of their house either to the mall or the beach just to enjoy the summer. And when you think of stepping out all you need to think of is carrying the essentials. Even tote bags are ideal to carry all essentials such as extra shoes, tops, sun block, deodorant, bandage, snacks and water bottle.

Natural fibers

The easiest way to beat the heat is cling on to cotton fabrics as they allow your skin to breathe and keep your body cool. Make sure to avoid synthetic materials. It is also better to stay away from dark colors as they tend to absorb the sunís rays.

Natural fibers are breathable as they are less stretchy. Always make sure to go for something bigger in size. Wear Culottes in summers since it breathable and skirt like. Styling culottes is quite simple just try to wear them by tucking in a shirt or wear them with a crochet top.


Sport sandals that are lightweight and sweat wicking which will not slip out from your feet. Choose Tevas as they are definitely trendy this hot summer. You can even sport flatforms this summer. Flatforms are in vogue this season. Summer is all about donning the strappy one than the creepers as wells the chunky shoes.

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