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10 Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Hair

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Aloe Vera is a miracle plant; it is used for various purposes. Aloe Vera plant contains minerals, vitamin, nutrients and active enzymes, which are useful in solving a majority of hair problems. Aloe vera juice for hair helps to nourish cleans and protects your hair. It is also used to cure dandruff, bacterial infection, and itchy scalp. It is always better to use aloe vera in its natural form. You can take aloe vera leaves from your home garden and give your hair a natural treatment.

10 Benefits of aloe vera juice for hair are as follows:

1. Aloe Vera juice for hair as shampoo

 You can make a nourishing shampoo at home by mixing aloe vera gel with your shampoo. Shampoo your hair as usual, and you will have a smooth and shiny       hair.

2. Aloe Vera juice for hair growth

Aloe Vera is packed with protolytic enzymes, which are useful in the dead skin, which clogs the pores of hair follicles. In the process, it stops the penetration of nutrients, which is essential for hair growth. Due to its alkaline properties, aloe vera can be useful in restoring the pH of the scalp, leading to retain moisture and water, which promotes hair growth.

3. Aloe Vera juice for hair dandruff

Aloe vera is rich in enzymes, which have anti–inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. These properties retain the moisture and are useful to eliminate dandruff.

4. Aloe Vera juice for hair treatment

Aloe vera juice is beneficial for damaged hair caused by excessive use of styling products.

How to use aloe vera juice for hair treatment:

Take out half-cup gel from aloe vera leaves

Mix one teaspoon tulsi powder, two teaspoon fenugreek powder, two teaspoon castor oil, make a thick paste

Apply this paste on your hair from roots to end

Keep it overnight covered with a shower cap

Rinse it off at morning with shampoo

Follow this procedure regularly for strong and shiny hair

5. Aloe Vera juice for hair as pre-shampoo remedy

Aloe vera juice contains enzymes that are effective in getting rid of dead skin flakes and removing excess oil from scalp. And help to maintain the moisture of hair and keep it hydrated, due to which recurrence of dandruff is stopped.

How to use aloe vera juice for hair as a pre-shampoo remedy:

Apply aloe vera on your scalp and then massage gently

After 10 minutes wash off your hair with shampoo

6. Aloe Vera juice for hair as conditioner

Aloe vera juice aids as a natural conditioner for hair, it gives lots of nutrients and moisture to hair, making them soft and silky.

How to use aloe vera juice as conditioner:

Apply aloe vera juice on slightly wet hair, with your fingers from root till ends.

Wrap your head with a warm towel

After 15 minutes wash off your hair with shampoo

7. Aloe Vera juice for hair loss remedy

In Egypt, people use aloe vera for hair loss problem, because it clears dirt and excess oil from hair. And also it has antioxidants and enzymes, which stimulate hair follicle, repair damaged hair and prevent hair loss.

8. Aloe Vera juice for hair to cut greasiness of oily hair

Aloe vera juice is efficient in reducing oiliness of your hair.

How to use aloe vera juice to cut greasiness of oily hair:

Add three drops of tea tree oil and few drops of lemon to half cup of aloe vera juice

Apply on the scalp with your fingertips

Wash off with shampoo after one hour

9. Aloe Vera juice for hair to eliminate itchiness of scalp

Aloe vera contains antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which aids in the elimination of itchy scalp. It gives cooling effect to scalp and can be used to cure sunburn and infection of scalp

How to use aloe vera juice to eliminate itchiness of scalp:

Take out a half-cup of aloe vera juice from its leaves.

Apply directly on the scalp with your fingertips.

Wash off after 20 minutes with shampoo.

10. Aloe Vera juice for styling your hair

There are so many commercial serums available in the market, which are all packed with chemicals. But you can use aloe vera as a natural serum. Whatever hair style you make, just apply a light coat of aloe vera to give shine and neatness to your hair.

How to use aloe vera juice for hair styling:

Take aloe vera juice and water in equal parts

Mix them thoroughly, add a few drops of your favorite oil, again mix it properly

Store in a spray bottle

Use whenever required

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