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How Nutrients are essential for Hair Growth

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Hair is made up of keratin, a protein that is an essential element for healthy hair growth. Our body is made up of proteins, minerals, water and vitamins in an essential quantity to give the strength and stamina. Why protein and healthy diet is a necessary element for healthy hair growth can be best described with the proper use of it. If you intake a healthy diet of a balanced quantity of proteins, vitamins and minerals the results can be seen through the effect on your hair. As far as quantity is concerned, the doctor can recommend you the best quantity of each for a balanced diet in your routine. The hair loss problem leads to the problem of baldness and the hair transplant is the ultimate option to get rid of these problems. The hair transplant in India these days comes into the picture in terms of budget cost and best services. 

The ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Society) is also a promoter of a healthy diet for healthy growth of your hair and the proper combination of the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water is must for the growth of hair.

The guaranteed hair growth story is hidden behind the nutrient-rich diet as described below:-

  • Meat: The white and red, both meat are essential for healthy hair as it contains the source of rich protein. The meat is not only the source of protein but also contains the richest source of iron that is good for hair natural color. The women, who are affected with deficiency of iron is recommended for taking of iron rich food including the meat.

  • Eggs: the people, who is affected with the problem of hair shedding is recommended for in taking the biotin rich food that the eggs contain. Eggs are not only enriched with proteins that a hair required for their growth but also contains the vitamin B- Biotin.

  • Green Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are the best source of all kinds of vitamins that is necessary for hair growth. The Vitamin A & C is the necessary for sebum production that the scalp produces during the hair growth phase to boost the stamina to the roots and Vegetables like; spinach, broccoli and kale are enriched with these vitamins that are required for healthy hair.

Apart from these the other essential factors for hair growth includes, nuts, oils, fish, oyster, blueberries and beans & lentils that are recommended by the doctors to improve the hair growth.

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