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10 Excellent Beauty and Skin care Products in your Travel Kit!

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Whether traveling is your hobby or you are in a profession that demands a lot of travelling around the country and internationally, it is important to put your skin first. Different geographical locations present different environmental and climatic conditions that affect your skin. Humidity changes and temperature changes cause different effects on your skin. Therefore, you must consider keeping your skin normal regardless of the prevailing weather and climate.

These are the necessary and excellent MUST have products in your travel kit:

1. Hair Shampoo and conditioner

Most people forget to take care of their hair when travelling, your hair is your most important asset apart from your face and you should give it the most attention. However small your travel space is, it is important not to

sacrifice your hair. Hair care products are mostly packed in small portable and easy-to-pack sizes and you should always carry them. Hair sprays shouldn’t be forgotten or forgone.

2. Cleansers

You might have the habit of using hotel products or just shopping when you get to your destination. However, every lady knows that these hotel products are rarely the best Ayurvedic products that your skin is used to and that getting a shop that stocks your specific product in a foreign land is almost impossible. Therefore, always carry your own cleanser that can be easily packed and thrown into your travel kit.

3. Exfoliators

A good exfoliator is gentle for your skin and rarely causes bruising. Taking the chance of purchasing the right exfoliator on the road wouldn’t be the best thing to do. Sunburn might be one of the problems you will run into and if you are expected to exfoliate and go out; your skin has to be smooth. A PH balanced exfoliator is the best friend your skin will yearn for.

4. Moisturizers

When vising areas that experience extremes in temperatures: too high and too low, you will need a good moisturizer for that beautiful look to be seen throughout your stay. You cells will thank you if you keep them moisturized and keep the epidermis supple. You should also take enough water for your hydration needs.

5. Sunscreen

Even when travelling to Iceland, you still require a cream with sun-blocking ingredients. UV rays travel through the atmosphere and do not need the sun to shine to be present. UV rays are known to be stronger in areas that receive less sunlight. Skin cancers and wrinkles as well as sun burns will be avoided if you prepack the best cream.

6. Make-up palette

Keep a make-up kit with concealers, powder, foundation, blush and also include mascara. You have to look your best and incase of minor bites, they should be concealed. Eyeliners should be carried too. If you experience sleep trouble during travel, it will be prudent to have a few of these lifesaving make-up components to cover dark circles around your eyes.

7. Flat Iron

Always carry a flat iron for your hair. Finding a decent blow drier in the hotel is hardly possible and you know that too because you’ve never found one. Prepack a flat iron to iron out the tresses and keep you as stylish as you always are.

8. Fragrance/ Deodorant

You have to stay freshest wherever you go. Pack an anti-perspirant and deodorant. Your body doesn’t stop functioning just because you are away from home. The people you meet will always remember how good or bad you looked and smelled. Always, keep this in mind. First impressions matter!

9. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You do not need any lectures and long talks about the importance of excellent mouth care. Never forget to carry your toothbrush and paste. Carry two or three stets if you can.

10. Nail Polish and Nail polish Remover

Good grooming can never be compromised. The sight of flaked nail polish is ugly. Keep nail polish remover in your travel kit. This is essential. People notice your hands and nails after your face. Make them impressed. Always wear fresh polish and sacrifice a few hours to have a manicure and pedicure at a spa or in your room. Carry nail clippers, razors and nail files too.

Wherever you are travelling to, be prepared, keep a list of all things you’ll need if you forget easily. Extra towels, sleepwear and extra money is also necessary. Don’t depend on your cards. Always carry cash. You should also do some basic research about where you are travelling to if it is your first time. Do not forget your travel documents!

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