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How to choose a perfect Anarkali suit according to your body shape!

  By : , Mahim, India       18.3.2016         Mail Now

Women are usually hesitant to wear ethnic outfits as they fear that the dress may make them look older. However, the entry of Anarkali suits changed everything. This is one such outfit which can be worn by every woman irrespective of her body type. An Anarkali suit consists of a churidar or Patiala along with a trendy dupatta. The only difference between an anarkali suit and a salwar kameez is that the former is worn on casual or semi formal occasions whereas the latter is worn on special occasions like weddings, mehendi functions and so on. The anarkali suits usually have a lot of embellishments in terms of stone work, zari work, embroidery etc. All these embellishments collectively make the look of an Anarkali suit extremely heavy which makes it only viable for exclusive occasions.

The Anarkali suit, if chosen carefully, can compliment every body type. Why envy others who are wearing Anarkali suits when you can wear an Anarkali suit that compliments your body type! When it comes to weddings,

choose colours like red, maroon, shades of blue and so on as they look bold and apt for the functions. If you see any Bollywood celebrities in award functions or parties, they usually opt for bold colours to mark their presence. Have you ever wondered what makes them look so attractive in an anarkali suit? The answer to this question is that they choose their Anarkali suit based on their body type.

Here are the several body types and the type of anarkali suits that will compliment these body types-

 Hourglass body

An hourglass body type is the one that is proportionate from all the angles. Women with this type of figure can wear Anarkali suit and look good in it effortlessly. Choose an Anarkali suit that is perfectly fit near the waist area as it will accentuate the curves of your body. It is advisable to opt for heavier fabrics as they add a little weight to your body giving the impression of a healthy body. When it comes to colour selection, pick one that suits your skin tone.

 Inverted triangle body

Women who have a heavier upper body and really slim legs fall under this category of inverted triangle figure. Women with this type of figure should refrain from wearing boat neck style, high neckline and bulky shoulders as it will enhance your broadness.

Apple shaped body

Women with apple shaped body are fuller from the side angle especially above the waist area. If you have an apple shaped body, choose an A-line anarkali suit as it gets loose right above the waist. Avoid stiff fabrics like tissue and brocade as they will give you a box type appearance. Choose anarkali suits with lot of flare as they begin from the empirical line that will hide your curves. This type of anarkali suit style will also make you look taller.

Straight body
Women with a straight figure are the ones who usually look petite and lack curves. You can go for skin fitting anarkali suits or the frock style ones.

Pear shape

If you have a pear shaped figure which is usually very common in India, you can again opt for A-line anarkali suits that are narrow from the top area and widen from the bottom which will give you a slimmer appearance.

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