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Types of skirts you should have in your wardrobe

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Skirts have always been a summer-monsoon favourite with most women because of their versatility and comfort, but choose it right according to your shape, mood an occasion. An A-line skirt sits snugly at the waist, and a Pencil skirt is a fitted skirt that clings to the body and follows its natural shape, says an expert.

Here are five types of essential skirts shared by a Myntra LookGood Advisor:

Short SkirtShort Skirt

Short Skirt: Sequins, lace or leather, there's no dearth of variety for this number. Whether it's the peak of summer or the middle of winter, a denim skirt is one of those all-season skirts that you can wear throughout the year. In short skirts, we have mini, Micro mini available skin tight or flared, more suitable for youngsters, with slim long legs


The demure A-line: An A-line skirt sits snugly at the waist and gradually widens towards the hem. Not only does it highlight the smallest part of your waist, it also flares out at the hip, minimising the width of the lower half of your body. Usually knee-length, the skirt is an appropriate choice for all occasions. The first image shows a pleated floral A-line Skirt and the second one is a centre pleat A-line skirt.

Full skirt or maxi SkirtFull skirt or maxi Skirt

Full skirt or maxi Skirt: A full skirt or a circle skirt is snug at the waist and widens dramatically at the ankles. Fuller than an A-line skirt, it is equally flattering for women with a relatively heavier bottom and this one's great also for days when your heart wants to go the boho way.

Bell-shaped SkirtBell-shaped Skirt

Bell-shaped Skirt: The bell-shaped skirt, as the name implies, resembles an inverted bell. It is typically made from heavier fabrics that can hold the shape of the skirt. The skirt could be pleated or just flowing with or without frills. The flounced skirt can be paired with a fitted top that accentuates your waist.

Feline Pencil SkirtFeline Pencil Skirt

Feline Pencil Skirt: A pencil skirt is a fitted skirt that clings to the body and follows its natural shape. If you're an hourglass (curvy, with a well-defined waist) figure, you will look fantastic in pencil skirts. A simple black pencil skirt is perfect for lending you a slim and structured look for office.

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