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Summer Beauty Tips

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The summer season never comes alone; in fact it brings hot wind, harmful ultra violet rays and lots of health and skin problems. This is because the temperature of the atmosphere increases which brings lots of changes. So it is very important to prevent your skin in summers. Below are some beauty tips for you this summer season:

Sufficient water If you drink sufficient water according to your body needs, then you will never suffer from any skin problem. Drink at least 10 to 12 glass of water in a day if you really want to protect your skin.

Homemade remedies When you go for cleansing or any skin treatment, then avoid costly cosmetics and face packs. Homemade face packs are best for your skin in summers.

Sun protection Sun protection is the most essential activity in summer season. Always keep a suitable sun block with you and it is better to apply at least twice a day if you go outside.

Moisturizer Moisturizer is important because it not only brings moisture in the skin but also locks moisture in your skin. As the chances of losing moisture in summers are more.

Lip balm As mentioned above sun rays cause the lack of moisture in the body so it is important to protect all your skin. Do not forget to apply lip balm because the layer of lips is softer than your skin.

Sun protection for hair It is not only your skin or your lips which would need sun protection, but your hair also needs a sun protection. So choose an appropriate sunscreen for your hair also.

Skin exfoliation Skin exfoliation is important as it removes dead cells from the skin. So do not forget to exfoliate skin at least twice a day.

Mehendi for hair Mehendi will keep the temperature of hair well maintained, so it is good option to apply Mehendi or Mehendi pack on hair.

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