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From Banarsi to Chanderi, graceful Indian silk sarees popularised by Celebs

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  For generations, Indian silk saris have stood for grace and beauty. Check out some of the most popular styles of silk saris you need in your closet, from the plush texture of Banarasi silk to the complex designs of Kanjeevaram silk. Silk saris are exquisite choices for formal occasions because of their luxurious texture, sophisticated draping style, and elaborate motifs.

Banarasi silk saris

Banarasi silk sarees are among the most popular silk sarees and are a luxurious option for formal occasions like weddings. They are known for their intricate designs, often featuring gold and silver brocade and traditional Indian motifs. Source: Instagram

Mysore silk saris

Mysore silk saris are a popular choice for formal events due to their vivid hues and superb lustre. Usually composed of pure silk, they have elaborate patterns and decorations. For individuals who wish to add a touch of elegance to their formal attire, these saris are a fantastic choice. Source: X

Kanjeevaram silk saris

When it comes to weddings and other special occasions, Kanjeevaram silk saris, sometimes referred to as Kanchipuram silk sarees, are a popular choice. They are renowned for their vivid colours, elaborate motifs, and use of gold and silver zari work. Source: Instagram

Tussar silk saris

Tussar silk saris are renowned for their breathable, lightweight texture and subtle grace. They have a special, unprocessed quality because they are manufactured from a type of silk that is formed from the cocoons of wild silkworms. The natural hue and gentle, golden glitter of tussar silk sarees, give them a lovely appearance. Source: Instagram

Chanderi silk saris

Chanderi saris are created from only pure silk in Chanderi town, Madhya Pradesh. Another defining feature of the Chanderi saris is its gold and silver brocade pattern. They combine lovely designs with stylish, breathable fabric, making them a priceless sort of handicraft. Source: X

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