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Hair Care at Home

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No one can deny the fact that the way you wear your hair can completely change the way you look. If you want to look different and get noticed just change your hairstyle. It will surely work. Worried of paying too much in salons? Here is your guide to get amazing hair at home.

You just need to know your hair type to start the process. Identify your hair type and pamper your hair...

Dry Hair: The ones that seem to lack in moisture and appears to be frizzy and dull can be called dry hair type.
Oily Hair: Oily hair can be distinguished by other as they are the ones that contain oil in great amount. They need to be washed more frequently with shampoo to remove excessive oil. The reason is the scalp is too oily and that makes the hair fall into category of oily.
Normal Hair: Balanced hair type is just perfect they are neither oily nor dry. Such kind of hair type is great and doesn't require much maintenance.

Now that you know your hair type it is time to have your hair shine and bounce with natural hair care products.

1. If you want to get rid of dandruff. Than mix coconut oil with castor. Apply it on scalp and massage it well. Keep repeating the process for at least three weeks. You will see the difference yourself.

2. Multani Mitti is said to be best for oily hair. Apply multani mitti at least once a week. It will not only help in reducing oil from hair but will clean it nicely.

3. Add fruits, vegetables and lots of liquid to your diet. It will add shine to your hair.

4. For adding shine and bouncy look to your hair you can use vinegar and apply it on hair. It will add shine to your hair. Do it before a party and no one can stop staring at you.

5. Dry and frizzy hair type can be handled with honey. Mix it with cream and apply it on hair for amazing smooth hair.

6. Healthy nourished hair is the key to great hairstyles. Hair needs regular conditioning and nourishment. One of the best ways to nourish hair is by massaging your scalp with almond oil and leaving it overnight. It helps condition hair deeply. Leaving oil overnight will let the oil be absorbed till roots of hair. Use a mild natural shampoo to wash off the extra oil in morning. Using natural shampoo protects your hair from the harshness of chemicals.

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