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Effective Beauty Tips..Try This No Side Effects

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1) Morning : Drink Hot Milk With One Small Pinch Of Saffron.(6 Months) 

-turns your face pinkish with no marks in your body.

2) Drink Pure Water (Life Time)
-Prevent your Skin From Dryness

3) Apply Turmeric coconut milk mix in your body before bath for minimum 30minutes (6 Months).
- turmeric juice and coconut milk mix and boil until the bubbles are almost turned off. Keep in fridge (use as per your requirement)
Do not keep more than 1 month. Must be in closed container :))

4) Bathe Daily.. Avoid the usage of Soap, use green gram powder

5) Use rose water on your face before going to sleep.........:)))))) 

Like to see the 'beautiful' generation in their own style
don't imitate, take your own and comfort fashion...........:)))

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