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5 outfits that prove 'Rani' pink is the colour of December!

  By : , ,       9.12.2022         Mail Now
  Right after Valentino presented their Pink PP collection this year, the fashion industry recognised the comeback of Pink! In India as well, celebrities have been incorporating hot pink in their wardrobe, calling it our very own 'Rani' pink, clearly making it the colour of the month. Take a look at five outfit inspirations that prove 'Rani' pink is here to stay!

Let's start with the fashion icon! Sonam Kapoor, like always, saw the good in pink much before it became the colour of the season. Well, doesn't the lehenga look absolutely stunning?

Aishwarya Rai looks absolutely ravishing in this hot 'Rani' pink pantsuit. And, it's an easy-to-curate look.  

Designer Masaba Gupta is much ahead in the 'Rani' game with her own collection. And of course, how can we forget 'Neena Ji ka blouse'?

Is there any outfit that Priyanka Chopra wears and it doesn't become a fashion statement? We think not! 

Dipped in hues of hot pink, Priyanka Chopra proves that she is the OG of fashion. 

And lastly, how can we forget Ranveer Singh? You've got to agree, he nailed it, and looks rather nice wearing pink.

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