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Hair Styles best suited for your face shape

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Choosing a hairstyle depends on various factors. An important factor is the shape of your face. And of course your own unique personality and your life style is also a major element. If you wash, condition and style your hair every morning, a short cut may be best for you. If you have plenty of time for hair care you may prefer to wear your hair long. The distribution, quantity and texture of your hair, the curliness or straightness and your height are the other important factors for choosing a hair style. 

And, as far as beauty is concerned, hair care is most important for a man. A man's personality is judged not only by the way he carries himself but also by the hairstyles he sports. The hair-styles of Bollywood and Hollywood heroes are in demand at hair saloons. Even though hairstyles have constantly changed, Bollywood celebrities such as Abhishekh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Saif Ali Khan etc have greatly influenced Indian men to think differently.

If you wish to change your hairstyle, visit a good and experienced hairstylist who would give you a trendy haircut. And when going about with the styling of hair, you have to consider the most important factor is,  the shape or structure of the face.

Men, like women, can have the following face shapes. Different hairstyles to suit the shape of your face

Round face

  • Women 

A round face will look best with hairstyles that add angles and helps conceal broad, round cheeks. For persons who have short hair, it is better to have a cut with most of the hair on top and less on sides. For long hair, an hairstyle with curls or waves surrounding the face will be better. 

  • Men

Men with round faces should keep short hairstyles or wispy cut that sweep back away from the face. Use a  product to add a little height to your hairstyle.

Square face

  • Women

A square jaw and brow are best softened by a curly or wavy hair style that rounds off the angles of your face. Curls or waves worn forward on the outer edges of your face from your forehead will be more suited for a square face.

  • Men

Square face shapes men should keep any styles that is cleanly cut around the ears and mirrors your square face.  A short spiky hair cut as well as any sleek style is good for a square face shape.  

An oval face

  • Women

An oval shaped face is generally recognized as the ideal face shape by hair experts. This can be enhanced by a variety of simple hairstyles from long hairstyles to medium hairstyles to short hairstyles. Your hairstyle will be most pleasing, if you wear it straight or slightly wavy. Short or long styles will look best when brushed or held back from your face. 

According to the activities that you enjoy you may wish to wear your hair shorter instead of pulling it back to enjoy participating in sports or keeping your hair out of the way for most activities. To get an example of celebrities with oval shape faces and the variety of hairstyles that look great on them, take a look at Isha Deol, Madhuri Dixit, Urmila Matonkar etc. 

  • Men

A classic oval shaped face looks great with all styles. Try changing the part. However a longer hair styles with a few graduated layers around the face gives a strong masculine signature.  

Triangular face

  • Women

It's a rare type. The best hairstyle for this shape face are those worn away from your face at your forehead and temples and softly waved or curled around the jaws or those worn full at your temples, with straight or waved bangs across the width of your forehead.

  • Men

Men  should try hair cropped close to head. The hair should be layered all around and tapered in back and at the sides.

Diamond  face 

Diamond face is widest at the cheekbones, has narrow forehead and jaw line of approximately equal width. 

  • Women

Diamond shaped face women can try almost all variety hairstyles but should avoid hairstyle that hides the prominent features of the face. 

  • Men

Fill out the face at the temples and chin and keep hair close to the head at the widest points. Curl and fullness at the chin area and just above the temples are necessary to round out the look. Avoid styles that mirror the diamond shape.


Heart shaped face is wide at the temples and hairline and a narrow chin. 

  • Women

Heart -shaped face women should choose a style that takes the emphasis off both areas. Try a short hairstyle that is wedged  or or tapered at the neck or a long hair style. Avoid short hairstyles.

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 1.  Posted on : 1.6.2014  By  :  Taruna Sharma , Noida View Answer (0) Post Answer

I'm working in Noida from 8 months and suffering from hair fall very badly. I have tried to control it by using Mineral water to wash hair. Also I'm using Mintop. Can any one suggest me to control hairfall and make them thick and healthy again ,

 2.  Posted on : 9.3.2013  By  :  Purvi Sharma , Indore View Answer (0) Post Answer

Can anybody tell me how to prepare beetroot pack for hair?

 3.  Posted on : 7.10.2012  By  :  Susana , Mexico View Answer (1) Post Answer

I am 25 and I have hairfall problem, my hair tends to be VERY greasy but i have dandruff at the same time. Because of the greasiness i tend to wash it daily, otherwise it smells funny and looks dirty, th hair itself look dry and with a looot of volumen and frizz Please help


Use coffee water as a last rinse after shower...don't wash ur hair after that.It will stimulate hair growth & reduces hair fall. For dandruff, make a paste out of besan and curd. Apply it on ur hair for an hour and then wash it..It is very effective.I had the same problem.Hope this is useful..

  Posted By :Swetharao , Chennai | On 3.4.2014
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