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Rangavalli Paintings

Contributed by- Mrs. Prarthana Vishal , Bangalore , India
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Rangavalli or Rangoli is an ancient form of floor decoration in the Southern part og India. The rangoli motifs are based on symmetry and are most often very geometrical in form.

Materials required :
Rangoli Design
Pencil Carbon
3d Outliner - Black/gold
Colour Rangoli powder (preferably all bright colours)
Brush/cotton balls
Plain varnish/gloss glue


Choose any Rangoli pattern (Either the dotted ones or the free form one) Trace the pattern on white canvas. Using the 3d Outliner draw the outline of the rangoli. Mix the colour rangoli powder with water and glue in 1:0.5:0.5 to make a paste (not too watery). Using a brush or cotton balls fill the design with colours completely. Allow it to dry for 24 hrs. Paint the surface with plain varnish or gloss glue and frame it without glass cover. Alternately, the painitng can be framed with glass cover without the varnish coat.


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