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Roses Wreath

Roses Wreath
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Try making a simple wreath this Christmas.. Ms. Gracey Anand will show you how in a video tutorial..


 Wreath making

Wreath making is one of the most popular in nature crafts. With a little imagination you can make simple but beautiful wreaths from wheat straws, fresh or dried flowers, foliage or almost any material you can think of. A beautiful wreath can be used as decoration to accentuate a wall or a door. They also make wonderful personal gifts for your friends and family. 

Wreaths had been in vogue even from very ancient times. They were used as a symbol of triumph for crowning military and athletic champions, exchanged as a symbol of bestowing good health among friends, were worn to honour religious events and were and still is used to honour the dead at funerals. 

Different types of techniques can be combined to make wreaths that complement your tastes and decor. You need to decide on the type of wreath you want to make, whether with dried materials or fresh materials. It can be as simple or as complicated as you choose. Some of the materials used for making wreaths are wheat straws, ivy, ferns, pine, leaves, grape vine, moss, cloth, cards, dried flowers, cardboard etc

We need a base or frame to start on. Frames can be of wire, vines and twigs or flower foams. Vines such as grape, honeysuckle etc or twigs can be curved into any shape and still looks attractive even if it is seen through the wreath material especially a wreath made with dried materials. If  the vines are dry and crack or break while curving, soak in water overnight. Long lengths of vine can be coiled continuously to make a large frame or 4 to 5 short pieces of wine can be held together, curved around to form a frame. Holding the frame, weave one or two wines around the base to hold the coils together. 

Wire frames are available in many sizes and are usually made from heavy-gauge floral wire. Single wire rings can also be used to make light, delicate wreaths. Wire frames can be covered with moss or straw and is ideal as a base for fresh plants. Place a handful of moss or straw against the wire frame and bind it on the frame using thick twine or wire. Continue adding moss or straw to cover the whole frame and to get the desired thickness. Moss should be soaked in water for some hours and excess water squeezed out before using it for the frame.

Materials Required 

›› Heavy-gauge wire wreath base (37cm)
›› Wheat straws - 100 nos with heads, trimmed to 4 inches.
›› Medium gauge floral wire
›› Large velvet or any type of ribbon bow
›› Glue 
›› 3 Dried Roses


Procedures to make Wheat and Roses Wreath

First, take three to five wheat straws together and arrange them into small bouquets. Attach the first bouquet against the wire base and  securing it in place by tightly wrapping several times with floral wire. Attach the next bouquet so that it covers the stems of the previous bouquet. Continue wiring bouquets of wheat until the wire bases  is completely covered, tucking the stems of the last bouquet under the first bouquet to conceal the stems.

Wire the bow to the top of the wreath and form loops and curves in the streamers as desired. Position the roses evenly around the wreath, and hot-glue them deep into the wheat. 


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