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Recycled CD Coasters

Recycled CD Coasters
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Used CD's or compact discs do contribute a lot to the e-waste scenario. But if cleverly used, even the shiny useless CD could find its place at your dining table. We'll show you how to transform a used CD into a beverage coaster.

Recycled CD Coasters
Materials required : -
Recycled CD Coasters Materials
» CD 1
» Sharp scissor 1
» Designed Gift paper 1
» Double side sticker 1 roll
» White glue 1 tube

Cut out a large piece of gift paper. Now take a CD and apply glue on top and cover it neatly with the gift paper. Leave it to dry.

apply glue on top

Stick a small piece of double side sticker to patch the round empty space at the center of the CD.

double side sticker

Once it is done, glue the same patterned gift paper on the other side as well and let it dry.

gift paper on the other side

Using finger nails trace out the circular shape of the edges of the CD. The CD shape projects out. Using scissors cut out the circular shape and smoothen its curved edges on a desk to get a perfect finish.

circular shape

Your CD Beverage coaster is ready to use.

Recycled CD Coasters


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