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Stitching - Red Check Housecoat

Stitching - Red Check Housecoat
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Stitching is an age old art. It is always an advantage to know stitching.  If you have a machine at home and have an artistic sense you can make specially designed cloths for your family. It helps you to save money as well as earn money by making a business out of it.

This is a section helpful for people who knows stitching. Here we have given some patterns of house coats that you can try out. 


  • Cotton Cloth with Red Check Design- 3.25m 

  • White or cream plane cloth - 30cm

  • White or cream Cotton Lace- 2 m

(The above material requirement is for medium size person)


  • Full Length- 132cm+5cm (for folding)

  • Bottom width- 92cm (one side)

  • Neck depth- 15cm

  • Neck width- 7cm

  • armhole- 20.5cm

  • Half shoulder- 19.3cm

  • Sleeve Length- 25cm (+ 2.5cm for white piece)

  • Sleeve  round- 36cm

  • Yoke width (White or cream Cloth)- 11.5cm

Cut the cloth according to the instructions given in the figures and make a beautiful housecoat. You can stitch lace at the edge of the yoke as well as sleeves. Small flowers can be stitched on to the edge of the white yoke as well as sleeves just above the lace.  The embroidery pattern is given below.

 Front Piece 

Back Piece

back piece


Embroidery Pattern


embroidery pattern


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