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Balloon Thread Balls

Balloon Thread Balls
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Christmas season has arrived!!!

We are here, with an idea of making a beautiful X'mas ornament. All you need are balloons, thread and glue. See Similar Xmas Decor Ideas


Balloon Thread Balls
Collect the following things for making this ornament:
making this ornament
» Balloons – small size
» Embroidery threads – different colours
» Glue
» Scissors
» Pin or nail

glue in a bowl

Pour some glue in a bowl. Add some water to make it thin. Take a long length of thread and dip it in the glue. Keep it aside for some time.

small round shape

Blow the balloon till you get a small round shape. Tie the balloon.

tie it tightly on the tip of the balloon

Now take the end of the thread, and tie it tightly on the tip of the balloon. Wrap the thread all over the balloon.

simply pop the balloon using a pin or nail

Let it dry well. Once the thread dries well, simply pop the balloon using a pin or nail.

gap of the threads

Remove the balloon parts through the gap of the threads.

thread ball

Now you can make a hanging or mobile by tying the same colour of thread on the thread ball. Make more balls using different colour threads to decorate your Christmas tree.


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