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Leaf Painting

Leaf Painting
Contributed by- Gracey Anand , Kochi , India
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 Leaf Painting

Materials  :


Fabric Paint - different colours






Leaves -any thick veined leaf   different shapes and sizes

›› Cloth

Plain fabrics can be made attractive by Leaf Printing.

A very easy method that anyone can try out,  to make beautiful designs on your Saree, shawl or table cloth etc. The perfection and beauty of the print depends on the colour combinations you choose. If the fabric is dark then light colour paints will look better and vice versa. It can be done even on expensive silk fabrics.


Take leaves of different shapes, especially thick veined leaves with curved edges will look nice. 

Painting on the back side of the leaf

  1. Iron the cloth in order to make it wrinkle free.

  2. Decide on the design and paints.

  3. Paint  the back or wrong side of the leaf completely with the chosen colour.

  4. Making the print
  5. Stick the leaf on the cloth and press well.

  6. Before making the print on the good material it is better have a trial on the rough cloth.

  7. Leaves can be stuck in a straight line or randomly according to your aesthetic taste. 

  8. Let it dry for 24 hrs or dry it in the sun for an hour.

  9. For the painting to last longer, iron the back side of the design.  Ironing should be done only after drying.

To make the work look extra rich, you can stitch thin laces in between the prints as shown in top figure. Material used in this is white silk, golden thin lace and green, red and blue paints. 


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Anandhi, Bangalore
May 20, 2010
Wonder ful idea.I liked your leaf painting